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The Meti Empire: Backstory by zOMG-a-DropBear The Meti Empire: Backstory by zOMG-a-DropBear
Pronounciation~ Meh-Tie
Meaning~ Ultimate power Or total control

The Meti Empire wasn't fully founded until the third race was initiated into the Tyrobine civilization, But was more of a joint force made up of the Tyrobe and the Tau Empire.
Set in the 40K universe, or galactic quadrant, During the "Great devourers" emergence into the galaxy, Out of the hundreds of hungry "Hive fleets" to enter, it was Hive fleet "Hydra" that would ultimately evolve and bring an end to the Imperium of man.
After dispatching a "Dark Eldar" raid, the weakened Hive fleet need to rest and collect enough biomass to spawn. From which the fleet approached one of the largest terrestrial planets it would ever sink it's tendrils into.
Resting and feasting upon the planet, it awoken something deep beneath the planets crust that shook the planet and ruptured a form of noxious gas that engulfed the whole planet. The hive fleet went into a form of stasis and did not leave the planet nor fully devour it. The remaining Tyranids wandered the planet for years until one day, sprawling out of a gene pool, the first Tyrobine emerged. it was unlike any other Tyranid ever spawned as it stood upright and showed signs of singularity in it's mind. It was completely independent and had full thought and control over itself. Everyday, more and more were spawning and eventually this lead to them all working together and scavenging for any type of sustenance.

Many years had passed and the Tyrobine had already built a small civilization. They were only at their feudal age though, But it wasn't long before they had worked their way to being as advanced as the Imperium.
though no alien contact had been made since Hydra's landing on this gargantuan planet, A bastion of the Imperiums Space marine chapter know as the "Blood Angels" found the slumbering hydra and made planetfall ti eradicate the weakened Tyranid hive fleet.
But what they weren't prepared for was that the hive fleet wasn't weakened, but it was readying itself for an attack such as this. the Tyrobine had not been completely lost to the Hive mind of the Hive fleets, so they were warned from the Hydra that foes were on approach. The Tyrobine were ready to test their war capabilities against their first foe.
The Blood angels tore right through the Tyranids aswell as the Tyrobine. they did not care all that much that the Tyranids before them were wearing armor not of their own, and using weapons that they had constructed.
for it wasn't enough to stop the war hardened space marines.
But eventually the Tyrobine worked with the Tyranids of Hydra and used various tactics to out flank and out maneuver the space marines. Leading to victory after victory.
The Tyrobine also started to scavenge up any and all space marine tech and used it against the invaders.
It was with this that the Tyrobine had captured a thunderhawk transport, and used it to gain safe access to the imperium ships that were in orbit. before that it wasn't long before many of those imperium ships went dark, and the commanding officer of the fleet ordered a retreat to prevent more of the imperiums ships to fall into enemy hands.
With the imperium drawn away, the Tyrobine had time to use what they had learned to their advantage towards excelling their knowledgeably and strength.
With the dismantlement of the imperiums ships the Tyrobine had constructed their first ever warship. One thousand years later without disturbance from the imperiums forces, the Tyrobine had already explored and colonized various surrounding worlds and more-so for their Hive fleet.

It wasn't long for them to reach the Tau's part of the galaxy. Hive fleet "Gorgon" was already in heavy conflict with the Tau and was being held back at every attempt to destroy and consume the Tau.
The Tyrobine of Hive fleet Hydra communicated to the Hive fleet to offer their assistance in defeating the enemy. Gorgon of-course saw true potential with this and allowed this.
But the Tyrobine saw more than just a war mongering foe who was only good for consumption, But when their ships had entered Tau space, they were greeted with a signal from their ships.
The Tau had not known of the Tyrobine and thought their ships was of that of another alien race. The Tyrobine responded to their signal and the Tau stayed silent for hours until coordinates were given to them.
The 3 massive ships of the Tyrobine made first contact with the Tau empire on the war torn planet of "Ke'Lshan". There representatives of the Tyrobine landed on the surface to be met with thousands of battle hardened "fire caste" warriors and a division of "water caste" ambassadors aswell as a powerful mind from the "Ethereal Caste".
An amazing diplomacy was made and the Tyrobine and the Tau had become allies. At first the Tau bargained for the Tyrobine to part ways with their ferocious Tyrnaid counterparts and join the "Greater good", But the Tyrobine diplomats declined but instead asked for the two races to be great allies for the on-going war.
After that the Tyrobine exhausted every effort to turn Hive fleet gorgon around to head for the imperiums territory on the other side of the "Damocles Gulf".

Now with the Tau Empire by their side, the Tyrobine forces with the power of two hive fleets tore right through the imperiums outer rim and made haste for the rest of "Ultima Segmentum", thus cutting the super power that was the imperium of man in half.
The Tyrobine empire had gone through thousnads of years of war with the relentless imperium, forces of Chaos and their deamonic warp armies, The mysterious Eldar & the never-ending Ork hordes.
Four generations of Tyrobine Emperors passed until during the "Gragnoctiss" Dynasty, The ore mines beneath the capitol city on "Tyranosis" uncovered something truly remarkable and would forever change the Tyrobine for all of eternity.
They un-earthed a great underground temple hold millions of relics of great power and many more obtaining teachings and history of a great and god-like race that were called the "Alterrens".
Emperor Gragnoctiss had ordered hundreds of Tyrobine archeologists to study the great temple until there wasn't a single thing left unseen.
After 50 years of studying and understanding, The Tyrobine had learned of their true nature and origins. The Tyrobine's birth from Hydra was no accident or convenience, But was planned out by these Alterrens.
The Tyranids were created by these Alterren gods and had used the great hive fleets to eradicate all of the first existing races.
Hieroglyphs from the temple states that the Alterrens were a insanely intelligent race that had reached the fullest potential of the universe and gained so much power from it that the one god and his never ending army of "Angels" waged a holy war on the Alterrens.
The Alterrens would've been exterminated if it wasn't for them creating the Tyranids to stop the Angels.

The Alterrens aren't physically strong, but their telepathy and psychic power allowed them to create any material or item just by imagining it into existence. It served extremely usefull in battle as they stood in one place creating wave upon wave of war machines and Tyranids to slaughter anything that stood against them.
Alterrens stood up to 20 feet tall and had leathery dark grey skin with exo-skeletal plating on most of their body. Their bone structure was made up entirely of pure agmentium metal, which is an alien metal to no longer be found in this universe. they had two arms growing out of their shoulders aswell as two extra pairs, one pair on their chest and another pair on their backs. they also had long serrated tentacle like limbs that grew out from their backs and skull that acted as a defense mechanism. Their bodies were small and their legs were long with no feet, but just two hook like toes to support them. Their head is similar to that of a mix between a Tyranid Ravener and a Zoanthropes head.

After the Gragnoctiss Dynasty passed (Which meant the Emperor had died), A new Dynasty began. The "Tyrannuss" Dynasty would bring an end to the war with the new Emperor Tyrannuss to be the one to end it.
Using the exhausted capabilities of the Tyrobine scientists, the Tyrobine had reached their full potential of this era.
200 years past and the Imperium's capitol of Holy Terra in the segmentum Solar was surrounded by Hive fleets Leviathan, Kraken, Gorgon, Hydra & Jormungandr alongside these fleets were the full fighting forces from the Tau empire, spanning from  the Dal'yth sept, Sa'cea sept, Vior'la sept, Ke'lshan sept, Tash'var sept, Fal'shia sept and the auxiliary forces of Kroot & Vespid.

The battle that was about to commence would spell out the end of the imperium once and for all.
The war of Terra lasted years before the great "swarmlords" of the Tyranid hive fleets stood tall in the once God Emperors golden throne room.

20 years pass the fall of the Imperium, The Tyrobine expanded their reach to other galactic territories to explore and discover more alien worlds and find other Alterren artifacts.
Eventually leading them to "Serra". A war torn planet where two factions fought for dominance and survival.
The two factions were the C.O.G (Coalition of Governments) and the Locust horde.
Eventually when the Meti intervened, the Locust were the survivors but with no home. Their total merging with the Meti began and they soon became the bulk of the Meti's fighting force.

Shortly after, The Tau had agreed to a combination with the Tyrobine to form the Meti Empire. The Tau had a massive number of their race merged in with the Tyrobines civilization adn formed a new "Meti sept".
With the Tau's mergence to become the Meti, their technology was given up and everything Tau was learned. Their technology gave the Meti a massive boost in advancement in all aspects.

Not long after that the Meti had found themselves locked in war with their gods ancient enemies, The Angels. A bloody war saw the end of the Tyrannuss Dynasty but the same for the Angels.
But before the angels had been destroyed, they had turned the course of Meti future by having their next Emperor in line to be born a Human on a random human world. hoping the Meti would kill him and bring a slow but victorious defeat to the Meti.

Meti ships were sent out to every human world they could find to locate this lost emperor. A small fleet of Meti ships stumbled upon a large colony type ship that was broadcasting a distress beacon.
The Fleet master answered that call and made contact with a peculiar creature. the Fleet master offered any assistance in attempts to hopefully bring in a peaceful alliance with a technologically advanced alien race.
This alien who called himself "Christopher" led the Meti ships back to his homeworld.
This Alien had informed the Meti fleet master that there were thousands of his kind being held prisoner and as lab rats to be experimented on by Humans.
The Meti Fleet master offered his assistance to liberate those captured aliens to further more concrete any ally attempt.
The Meti fleet brought a fury like non other to the planet and freed the trapped aliens. with their rescue and the humans responsible eradicated, the aliens not only allied themselves to the Meti, But insisted they join the meti empire.
The Meti council were greatly pleased with this and the Aliens who were known as "Prawns" were now homed in the Meti.
They made up a large amount of the Meti's security force and technicians. Not to mention their devastating weapons tech made the Meti military force twice as lethal than ever before.

25 Years after that and the next Emperor was found on a small planet called "Earth". much like all the other Human Earth-like planets that the Meti had conquered, This Earth held 1 great significance.
The ''Yeroc" Dynasty would begin with the complete obliteration of the planet.

3 years after the Meti had brought Yeroc back to his intended home, He was crowned Emperor and led his great fleet back to his birth planet to have it completely and utterly shattered by the sheer magnitude that the Meti had brought in pure power. Earth was to be set as an example of the Meti's current power to send fear and dissmay to anyone who stood against the Meti.

Now 7 years after, The powerful and ever growing Meti Empire is locked in an all out war with the U.H.R (United Human Republic). A massive and near impossible foe to locate, The Human Republic explores deeper and deeper into the depths of space to gain more resources and allies to rally up against the Meti's oppression.

There is only war until all is nothing but death.

Thus concludes the Meti's past all the way to the present as summed up as I could.
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